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Over 45 YRS of Experience We always Strives to prioritize the needs of patients and improve their quality of life.

That Includes developing medicines that effectively treat diseases, reduce symptoms, and enhance patient outcomes. The focus is on ensuring drug safety, efficacy, and accessibility for diverse patient populations. MODERN LABORATORIES underlying foundations in the central India part at INDORE, (M.P. state) started in 1979 by a goal-oriented Mr. P.C. Kharia, having academic qualifications in pharmacy, Law & Management which was backed with two decades of industrial experience in manufacturing finished formulations. The outcome of insight coupled with drive, prompted Mr. P.C. Kharia to lay foundation stone of Modern Laboratories.
Now his well groomed and experienced duel son Namely Mr. ArunKharia having Master’s Degree in Science and Management & Dr. Anil Kharia having Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy & Post graduation in Management, gave his endeavors to offering inventive items, trusted and customized pharmacy encounters, and visitor benefits second to none. Modern laboratories is a WHO-GMP, and ISO 9001-2015 certified production plant. Having 40 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing is a remarkable achievement.it has gained recognition for its quality products and contributions to the healthcare industry in India as well as in other international locations, we are one of the maximum trusted Pharmaceutical manufacturing corporations in India. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we have been involved in various aspects of the production process, such as formulation development, manufacturing operations, quality assurance, regulatory compliance,knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), regulatory guidelines, industry standards and supply chain management. Our expertise in these areas would have been crucial in ensuring the production of safe and effective medications.


Our Vision and Mission

With a vision of gradually operating closer to empowering human beings and developing a more fit society via our products and services, we’re presently exploring new horizons around the world, and at the same time, we’re looking for exponential growth by means of constructing new commercial enterprise relationships.

Our aim is to ensure equitable access to medicines worldwide, particularly in developing countries or regions with limited healthcare resources. This involves efforts to make medicines affordable, partnering with governments and organizations to enhance healthcare infrastructure, and addressing barriers to access. We committed to upholding high standards of regulatory compliance and ensuring patient safety. Our Industry strives to make significant contributions to global health, advance medical science, and improve the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.

Our Strength

Our industry possesses an unparalleled strength in its ability to improve human health and well-being through the discovery, development, and distribution of life-saving medications. With its focus on research and innovation. Our industry’s robust infrastructure, including state-of-the-art laboratories, advanced manufacturing facilities, and rigorous quality control processes, ensures the production of safe and effective medicines. Furthermore, its global reach enables widespread access to medications, addressing healthcare inequalities and improving public health on a global scale. Additionally, the industry plays a crucial role in driving economic growth, creating job opportunities, and fostering scientific advancements. Through collaborations with academic institutions, healthcare providers, and regulatory agencies.These combined strengths make our industry an indispensable force in society, revolutionizing healthcare and offering hope to countless individuals worldwide.

Our Achievements

Modern Laboratories Has Strived To Meet The Expectation Of Its Customer For Both Quality And Quantity Production. With The Help Of Its Modern Plants And Machinery Based On Latest Technologies, The Company Has Boosted Its Confidence For Itself And Also For Its Customers.

Our Leader

What Our Customer's Say

Managing Director

Mr. Arun Kharia

A Philanthroper, A Visionary, A Guide, A Mentor, And Above All, A Good Human Being Shri Arun Kharia Ji.

Mr. Kharia has started his journey in the industry by joining Modern Laboratories as a Managing director, with a strong vision of manufacturing; ShriKharia has expanded the organization to manufacture dry Powder injection. Taking forward the family legacy of entrepreneurship, ShriKharia has empowered the growth of the business by exploring the new horizon in exports. He started Nandani Laboratories in the year 1998. With a motto of quality education and by the blessings of his father late P.C. Khariaji, he started Modern Group of Institutions, Indore in the year 2007. Afterward, to provide complete education from KG to PG under one roof, Mr.Kharia has started Modern International School.

Mr. Kharia is an entrepreneur and he also fulfills social responsibilities as well. He is a Chartered member of Lions Club, Trustee of Lions Club of Unique Blood, eye, and Dialysis Centers in Indore. He has many awards and recognitions in his credit. He has received the Icon of the Industry Award for Modern Laboratories, Outstanding Achievement Award by FMPCCI, twice by Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath and then Hon’ble Chief Minister ShriShivraj Singh and Eminence Personality Award 2021 by DB Group to name a few. He believes that “Never Give Up- life itself is a continuous risk”.

Managing Director

Dr. Anil Kharia

Traversing A Journey From Self-realization To A Successful Entrepreneur.

Dr. Kharia has started his journey as the Managing Director at Modern Laboratories in the year 1987. After the success of Modern Laboratories, Dr.AnilKharia under the guidance of his brother Shri Arun kharia and by the blessing of late Shri P.C. Kharia he launched a new company, Nandani Medical Laboratories Pvt Ltd.in the year 1998.Dr Kharia ventured into the Pharma industry with an injection manufacturing unit while other people were starting Pharma business with tables.

Dr. Kharia has authored many books and has published many monographs, research papers and presented them at various national and international forums. Also a patent on Novel Poly-Herbal Formulation for Alzheimer is registered by him.
Dr. Kharia has been conferred with many awards which includes Eminence Personality Award 2021 by DB Group, Pharma Ratna Award 2019, 4 World records by World Book Record, UK and World Record Academy, USA, outstanding achievement Award by FMPCCI, twice by Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath and then Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh.
Dr. Kharia has entitled for Performing Many Social Responsibilities. He is President of Indian Pharmaceutical Association of Madhya Pradesh State Branch, President, CEGR (Centre for education growth & Research) MP state Council, Regional Vice President Madhya Pradesh Small Scale Industries Organization Indore Region (MPSSIO)
He is a member of Advisory Board of International Journal of Drug Discovery and Herbal Research. He is a State Secretary of All India Vaishya Federation Madhya Pradesh. He is a Treasurer at India Drug Manufacturer Association Madhya Pradesh Branch. He is a trustee of Gayathri Shakti Peeth Indore and Member of Human Rights Association Madhya Pradesh. He is also organizing Secretary of APTI Con 2015.

Export Director

Mr. Shivanshu Kharia

Mr. Shivanshu Kharia Well Supported By His Visionary Father Mr. Arunkharia And Uncle Mr. Anil Kharia, Has Immensely Taken Up The Charge Of Export Of Various Dosage Forms. Being Export – Director, At Such A Tender Age Demands In-depth Knowledge And Skill Set. Mr. Shivanshu Kharia Has Proved His Credibility In Bringing The Export Business And Also Promoting The Inward Of Foreign Currency For The Country.his Ability To Develop And Nurture Relationships With International Stakeholders Has Been Exceptional.one Of The Most Impressive Aspects Of Mr shivanshu Is His Deep Understanding Of International Trade Regulations And Customs Requirements.furthermore, Mr shivanshu Has Demonstrated A Remarkable Ability To Adapt To The Dynamic And Ever-changing International Market Landscape.he Stays Abreast Of Emerging Trends, Market Demands, And Competitive Dynamics, Allowing Us To Stay Ahead Of The Curve And Capitalize On New Opportunities.in Addition To His Expertise In Export Operations, Mr. Shivanshu Has Consistently Exhibited Strong Leadership Qualities. He Has Built And Led A High-performing Export Team, Fostering A Culture Of Excellence, Collaboration, And Continuous Improvement.his Ability To Inspire And Motivate The Team Has Resulted In Outstanding Performance And The Achievement Of Our Export Targets.

Director Sales and Marketing

Mr. Shantanu Kharia

Mr. Shantanu Kharia Has Immensely Taken Up The Charge Of The Director Of Marketing With His Exceptional Leadership And Expertise. His Strategic Vision, Innovative Thinking, And Unwavering Dedication Have Played A Pivotal Role In Driving The Success Of Our Company’s Marketing Efforts. Under His Guidance, Our Marketing Initiatives Have Flourished, Elevating Our Brand And Positioning Us As A Market Leader. Mr shantanu’s ability To Identify Market Trends, Consumer Preferences, And Competitive Landscapes Has Been Instrumental In Developing Effective Marketing Strategies That Resonate With Our Target Audience.

One Of The Most Remarkable Aspects Of Mrkharia Expertise Is The Ability To Leverage Digital Marketing Channels And Technologies To Drive Business Growth. Mr. Kharia’s Keen Understanding Of Online Marketing, Social Media Platforms, And Data Analytics Has Allowed Us To Maximize Our Reach, Engage With Our Customers On A Deeper Level, And Optimize Our Marketing Roi.

Mr Shantanu’s Leadership As The Director Of Marketing Has Been Invaluable To Our Company & Success. Mr kharia strategic Vision, Innovative Thinking, And Exceptional Marketing Expertise Have Propelled Our Brand Forward, Resulting In Increased Market Share And Business Growth.

Quality Head

Dr. Joyjit Basak

Our company has achieved remarkable milestones in quality assurance and regulatory compliance. From the accomplished researchers and trainees to the regulatory experts and quality control professionals, each individual at Modern showcases an impressive level of knowledge and commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality and safety.

Head Admin Operation

Mr. Vivek Lohiya

Mr. Vivek Lohiya Moreover, Modern Laboratories has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled level of integrity and ethical conduct. Their transparent business practices, responsible marketing strategies, and dedication to corporate social responsibility are truly commendable. It is clear that Modern, values its role in society and actively seeks to make a positive impact beyond the realm of pharmaceuticals.

IBD Head Export

Mr. V. Thiyagarajan

Modern Laboratories possessed a strong commitment to excellence and a genuine dedication to improving global healthcare. The company’s visionary approach and unwavering focus on innovation have consistently exceeded my expectations. Their commitment to scientific research and development has resulted in groundbreaking pharmaceutical products that have significantly impacted patient outcomes.

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Creating Waves of Empowerment

Today we are one of the paramount and most trusted Pharma giants in India, having bagged multi-fold awards and recognitions in our crown to boast with as on date our human & veterinary division have range of  more than 1000+ drugs of the below ranges.






Production capacity per day



5 million Tablets



3 million Capsules


Liquid Injection

0.3 million Ampoules



0.2 million Pouches


Dry Injections

0.15 million Units


Liquid Injection

0.1 million Vials


Dry Syrup

0.1 million Units


Liquid Syrup

0.05 million Units



0.05 million Units


External Use Preparations

0.05 million Units

Empowerment in Motion

Our products are being supplied to every nook and corner of the country, having a potent hold over domestic and international markets.CTD and A-CTD dossiers available as per guideline for most of the products.

We have spread our wings on international platforms with direct and merchant exporter supplies to African, Asian, CIS and Latam American countries.

We are already present in Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Liberia Gambia, Burundi,Myanmar, Cambodia, Yemen.

Empowering Humanity

Our product range is the result of extensive research and development, fueled by a deep understanding of medical science and patient requirements.

Market area of our industry are government supply, Export and domestic market

From Vision to Reality